About the Director


Blis DeVault, Cleveland, Ohio native, is a passionate filmmaker, professor, wife and mother. Blis holds a BA degree in Communication from Cleveland State University and is a Graduate of Ohio University School of Film (MFA) and Ohio University School of Visual Communication (MA).

Blis is also an Associate Professor in the Communication Department, Director of the Digital Innovation, Film and Television program Xavier University, Blis has produced several award-winning documentaries that have aired nationally on PBS. Her last film Sanctity of Sanctuary: Paul Strauss and the Equinox Farm has won international, national and regional awards, including Best Environmental Film at the 2013 Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia. 

Blis is just as passionate about her students, as she is about her films. With an emphasis on storytelling, she teaches courses in scriptwriting, nonfiction film, field and studio production and advanced digital production. Her filmmaking and teaching reflect her passion for social justice, digital storytelling, attention to detail, and spreading the word of sustainability.

After living in Meigs County, Ohio, for many years, Blis DeVault now lives in Cincinnati with her husband, Wayne, and son, Lucas.

Director Statement


As an Ohio filmmaker I like to tell stories found in my own backyard. My budgets are shoe-string but the messages are always strong. The film offers high production values and artful storytelling. This short documentary fills people with hope, and love, and is an inspiration to all audiences. The film does not preach, but shows a group of people living fully in step with what they believe. People with diverse backgrounds take away the message of how to better care for each other. Can we only imagine what this world would be like, if every neighborhood were lucky enough to have their own, Moriah Pie?

Living in polarizing times, A Slice of Pie: A Love Story offers a 38 min. antidote. The story represents how a couple Erin and Robert Lockridge, risk love to each other and their community, without expecting anything in return. The film is currently finished and I am very excited to share this amazing story with the world.